On Our Way!!!

That’s right, we have departed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Final packing and preparations took a little longer than we expected, but today we left the big smoke for fresh country air. 6 months of it!

Even the moon was smiling down on us, in a perfectly shaped smiley (but it disappeared below the horizon before I could photograph 🙁 ) We didn’t get away till later in the arvo, so are spending the night on the outskirts of Gympie.

Preps for the motorhome took longer than expected, with some items such as the 200W solar panel not arriving till mid last week. Our home for the next 6 months also now sports a Thule bike rack on the back, as well as a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. But I’ll leave these details for another time…

Here we are, preparing to embark….

family ready to leave in front of motorhome

The obligatory family photo

Saying goodbyes. We dropped round to Tim and Amy's to collect final mail, and Paula and Andrew came over too, but given the dressing gowns being worn at about 4pm I won't show that photo.....

Saying goodbyes. We also dropped round to Tim and Amy’s to collect final mail, and Paula and Andrew came over to say goodbye too, but given the dressing gowns being worn at about 4pm I won’t show that photo…..

This next one cracked Dad and I up when I was going through checking all the cupboards. Check out the size of this container! Its barely any larger than my thumb – what a feast!!! Even Nicole managed to join in the laugh, despite being the culprit…

Miniature snack??? Cashews in a tiny containter

Miniature snack???

We were all excited to be leaving, but we express that in different ways. Daniels was to decide to get the remaining years school work out of the way so he could forget about it! Yep, just as we were preparing to depart on holidays, he pulled out his maths books and spent the first couple of hours driving doing maths questions!! lol, he got 7 pages done too – a fair proportion of it!!

Daniel starting his maths......

Daniel starting his maths……

We are heading north, for a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Not sure where exactly yet – now that the hectic planning and packing is over we’ll have more time to determine such minor details!

Time to hit the sack as I’m tired out from all the preparations, but it’s great to finally be on the road! 🙂

3 thoughts on “On Our Way!!!

  1. So good to see you have hit the road. Simon that snack was for Nicole!! I sent an email before I saw your blog. Have a really wonderful fun family time xxxx love Mum and Dad

    Thats a boy Daniel get that all done then you can relax for months!!!!

  2. So glad to hear about the bike rack. I was thinking that relying on just the motorhome or foot transport was a bit limiting.

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