Home Again!

We’ve made it – our amazing trip is over! After 6 months having an absolutely awesome time travelling around Australia we are back home. Wow, back to ‘normal’ life! Well kinda of, we don’t actually have our own home to go back to yet… but we’re back in Brissy!

Happy to be on holidays, and happy to be home!

Happy to be on holidays, and now happy to be home!

the motorhome looks a little more ‘used’ now!

As expected we took 3 days to travel from Canberra, arriving in Brisbane Tuesday afternoon, 23/12/2014. That gives us one day to relax and catch up with some family (and do some washing…) before our Christmas festivities start on Christmas eve; Christmas dinner with my Mums side of the family.

We didn’t do much in the way of sight seeing activities during the drive back, so not a lot to write about. We did go through Sydney, past the Opera House and over the Sydney Harbour bridge!

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not the most beautiful angle to view it from!

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not the most beautiful angle to view it from…

Daniel was keen to have his hair cut before Christmas, so I did that one evening.

Otherwise, lots and lots of green grass and hillsides to drive through! Yes, it was green the whole way. So much of NSW that we didn’t get to see (same applies to QLD and Tasmania though).

Wow, home again. Not sure whether to be happy or sad! How’s being both at the same time sound? Now that we’re back, what am I most looking forward too? Easy to answer that one – it is being able to tell the boys to go off to there own separate bedrooms and go to bed! Aaahhhhh, peace and quiet!!!

Just a short post this one, but over the coming days I will write a few summary posts with info and thoughts about the overall trip.

6 thoughts on “Home Again!

    • Hi Grandma, we’ll spend Christmas lunch with Nicole’s side of the family this year, but we will come over to see you in the morning. 🙂

  1. Amazing thank you for all the blogs we have enjoyed living vicariously through you.what memories you have made together as a family you will all talk about this around the tea table long after the boys became adults .
    Happy Christmas enjoy your extended family times,
    How about you keep the blog going now and then with your house hunting exploits?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us all. I joined the blog late in the trip & have really enjoyed all your posts. The return home is always a little strange after a long trip: we look forward to all the familiar things that we have missed, but after a wee while a restlessness can set in. So, hang in there & know that all returnees usually end up settled and happy after the transition. Have a great Xmas and happy home-hunting

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