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  1. Enjjoying your blog – Mum and Dad talk about it constantly and love to read it. I am off to Darwin in a weeks time to do a 2 1/2 week walking holiday with my girlfriend. We are doing extended walks in Litchfield and out of Katherine. Keep up the adventures and hope you are all well . It must be pretty chilly for you at the moment because it is very chilly here! Take care. Love Kathy and Steve.

    • Hi Kath. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Your trip to Darwin sounds great. You are such an adventurous soul. I think I would really enjoy doing some of the things that you do. Hopefully this trip is just the beginning for us!

  2. Hi to the Trevor’s !! It’s really great to read your blog and hear the amazing stories of your travels. Sounds like you’re having a brilliant time away exploring this fabulous land. Kept up with the posts. Have a great week, and I look forward to reading your next chapter. Nicole all is going well at Calvary, however we are missing you terribly. Ian celebrates his 50th birthday tomorrow, so we’ll be holding a special morning tea for him. We had staff retreat last week and we had a fun day at Currumbin Sanctuary on the Monday and then the Love Boat extravaganza for all the staff on Tuesday. Loads of laughs…..
    We all say GIDDAY !! And wish you travelling mercies and great times.

    All the best

    Merriel from Calvary

    • Hi Merriel. Great to hear from you. Thanks for all the news. It sounds like you had a fun retreat – Love Boat hey – should of been interesting and as you said, loads of laughs.

      Say hi to everyone for me. I miss you all, but am enjoying life on the road. The boys are having a great time. I am certain they will remember this trip.

      Hope all is well for you,

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Nicole- I hope you’ve had a lovely day!

    Tried to call but no answer- maybe you are out of range.

    Best wishes for the coming year!

    Love you

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