6 thoughts on “3 Month (Half Way!) Family Interview

    • Of course! Drill also… Both will run off the inverter. Used them a bit. Can’t go for 6 months without such essentials!! 🙂

  1. What a terrific video! The boys look so well and have lost that Brisvegas white skin! Nicole – you too dont look like a Brissie girl either! Nice brown glow which is very healthy, means fun is going on. I will order a tent peg kit – minus the pegs as we have them Thanks! Thanks so much for the video, Steve and I loved it.

  2. Gosh the need for speed is worth $500? My motorhome is flying if it reaches 95! I even reached 100 the other day coming down a hill on the way back from Clifton. Glad your having a good time. How many watts is your inverter? Sine wave? Guess you have everything sorted, pegged and tied Happy bump hunting in Perth. Keep those figures coming Jono. My rig is getting 12.5 litres/100km but Im going much slower and its a smaller machine. Some of the guys with buses get 4km to the litre which is 25litres per 100km. Diesel was cheap here a few weeks ago. Only $1.43 where I bought it. Have fun! Waves from all of us.

    • Hi Dale, Jonathan thinks so! However if he had the option of spending the money himself that might change….
      We had a pile of fuel receipts, and hadn’t done the calcs till recently. The speed affected fuel usage more than I had expected, so we’ll certainly do some more experimentation and review more closely.

      Inverter is a 1000W pure sine wave, but a cheapo from Kogan. After some initial troubles, it is at least working now….

      Diesel currently around $1.53 in Perth, I think the cheapest we’ve had!

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