Week 1 of Life in a Motorhome

We’ve survived our first week living together in a motorhome! We’ve been having a good time, though the boys were particularly irritable and problematic with each other on day 5. They’ve since been settling down, and we haven’t had any major problems. It’s been good overall.

One thing we discovered, somewhat belatedly, is that motorhomers all wave at each other when passing on the road (or perhaps we are just really friendly looking?)! The first time I noticed a passing motorhomer wave, I thought it must have been Dale and Cristine – similar looking motorhome – but it wasn’t. We are not just talking about lifting a finger here, but rather the whole arm! So sorry to all the early on passerby’s that we rudely ignored – we now know better! The exception is of course rental motorhomes – they aren’t worth it – none of them bother waving….. Oh, and caravanners are a bit of a different breed too. A few wave, but most don’t bother! Lol.

I think we are the youngest motorhomers we’ve seen. The free camp spots are full of oldies, in caravans and motorhomes. If there is anyone else young (and Anna, yes, we are young!), they are in the very small minority and tend to pull a camper or caravan, or even just have a roof top tent.

Motorhome has been going well, with no major problems. The 12 volt power system – solar panels etc are all working well. Two minor issues elsewhere – one of the cords for the kitchen venetian blind broke, so we’ll have to replace that. I’ve also reinforced the joint between kitchen cabinets and the wall – it was looser and vibrating more than I’d like. Found that Masters in Rocky have these nice suction cup bathroom accessories – hooks, liquid soap dispenser, toilet roll holder, and these work great in the motorhome shower/toilet. We’ve worked out that there are plenty of places where water can be refilled, and plenty of dump points so far too.

To move on to the more exciting stuff, I’m still getting the hang of these dump points… Do you lean over and aim for the hole in the centre, and risk splash-back if you miss, or just gently poor it in the edge and then wash it all down with the hose??

We’ve yet to pay for one night of accommodation, and don’t see any attraction to doing so either! 3 of the seven nights have been at designated free campgrounds (Calliope river, Duaringa, Sapphire). The other 4 have just been on the side of the road; which doesn’t concern anyone around here – the farmer waved to us as he rode by on his quad bike sat evening near Blackdown Tablelands!

Motorhome handled the dirt tracks up on the Blackdown Tablelands fine. Lets give some video a try on this site… Both vids are near the furthermost point of the rd, coming up from the Gudda Gumoo falls. Most of the road was wider than this!

She’s also picked up a fair bit of dust! Good thing those are cheap old bikes on the back…well the red one is new, but at $70 it was bought for this purpose!

Red dirt

Red dirt

So we are settling into the routine of easy going motorhome living. The laundromat at Emerald worked fine! We try and cook outdoors on the camping stove – makes it more like a camping experience. Daniel has taken a liking to cooking on it, so that is great!

1 week is still early days, but looking good for 6 months! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 1 of Life in a Motorhome

  1. Yes I have heard that people are friendly that drive the same type of vehicle…
    Just remember its not an off road vehicle so take it easy… Lol…
    Omg one week, I bet your missing work…
    Enjoy take care guys…

  2. Really enjoying your updates. Sounds like great fun. Inspiring us to look closer to home for our vacations in the future. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.

  3. Everyone in NZ in motorhomes and campervans waved at each other too. Except there are 5 million on the road so we were waving every minute.

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