A permanent home!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves another home – one that isn’t on wheels!!!

Contract signed, got to organise finance now… Nice big brick house, only a street away from our previous rental in Rochedale South. Bought from the original owners, so could do with some cosmetic updates (but is completely livable as is). That is silky oak throughout the kitchen, one of the most beautiful timbers around! Plenty of space for teenage boys, and a pool out the back makes them happy….

All going well, we pick up the keys 11th Feb. 🙂

Our new home!

Our new home!

the kitchen

the kitchen

7 thoughts on “A permanent home!

  1. Wow, it looks great: a wonderful family home. I wish I could visit: I am coming to Australia to see my parents in April/May but am not coming thru Brisbane this time: I have a friend in Sydney whose husband is not well so I need to see them while he is still well enough. Enjoy the combination of excitement, pleasure & absolute terror that comes with all house purchases. Congratulations! …

    • I don’t think there are many realestate agents in the area who would call us fast – we’ve been looking on and off for 5 years!! Most of them know me by name and don’t bother getting me to sign the inspection registers at open homes….

      But yes, we spent about a full week looking full time, in several suburbs, after Christmas. The negotiations actually took some time – a full week of the vendors stuffing around.

      All done now though!!

    • Almost is. Same layout. Slightly bigger. Higher underneath too – legal height so potential value add down the track (though we won’t be chewing into garage space, and we want a rumpus room – like it currently is!).

  2. Well done guys looks like a wonderful family home,welcome to the challanging world of pool ownership.
    Mind you we had nearly 60 extended family and a few close friends here on New Years Day over half who were children so that gives a back yard pool a big workout when over 30 people are in the pool off and on until quite late at night.
    the pool was wonderful when all the children were home though we always knew were our children and their friends were.
    Enjoy this next phase of your lives,and what a lovely adventure to have a new house to be in.
    Will miss your blogs.

    • Thanks Heather. Sounds like you had a busy Christmas!

      The pool itself isn’t new, but apparently has one of the newer salt and chlorine free treatment systems. Guess we’ll find out how well they work!

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