Goodbye to our First Home on Wheels

It is a sad day today, as we’ve just said goodbye to our motorhome 🙁 . Precisely 1 year after we picked it up – to the day. So many good times, and think of all the places it took us! The vehicle may go, but fortunately the memories stay with us (see further down for a series of photos).

It took us a while to empty, clean up and get her on the market, what with settling back into work and school, then buying a house and moving in. It was advertised on Gumtree for just over a week, and I’d had a few inquiries from guys more interested in a bargain rather than the motorhome itself, but then Cliff and Liz came to inspect it Sunday. Like my parents (and of similar age) they already had a motorhome, an older Winnebago on a truck, and fell in love with the more modern layout & interior and the relative car like performance and acceleration (hint hint). Their daughter and her husband and the grandkids (including a slightly younger Jonathan!) all came to inspect it shortly after, and after a couple of hours of looking and a couple of test drives a deposit was put down. We are told it makes the decision a lot easier when buying from a lovely family like us! 😉

Sale price ended up being exactly what we paid for it, which is what I was wanting, so happy with that! Though it has an extra year and 32,000 km’s on it, we did spend money improving it – solar system, inverter, bike rack etc.

And so the next phase in our life has begun. Continue reading

AroundAus Summary: The best places in Australia are ….

It’s the question we are asked most frequently: Where are the best places to visit? Or one of many similar variations such as ‘Which place did you enjoy the most?’.

Well, I’ve both good and bad news for you. The good news is that you can go almost anywhere in Australia, and you’ll see stunningly beautiful landscapes. The bad news is that ‘best’ or ‘nicest’ are very subjective as everything is so different – just as apples are different from toothbrushes (sorry, oranges are too similar to apples to use them in that metaphor 😉 ).

How can you compare the imposing structure of Uluru, to incredibly diverse wildlife at Kakadu, to jumping into rock pools at Litchfield, to gem stone mining in QLD, to stunning beaches in southern WA, to majestic views from the Flinders Range, to climbing through gorgeous rock canyons in the Pilbara, to…. I think you get the idea!

There were many standout locations for us personally. Any list must be viewed in that context – what we enjoy may be different to others preferences, as we have our own lenses, our own likes and dislikes, through which we view everything.

I polled each member of the family for their 5 favourites. Here are the results: Continue reading