On Our Way!!!

That’s right, we have departed! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Final packing and preparations took a little longer than we expected, but today we left the big smoke for fresh country air. 6 months of it!

Even the moon was smiling down on us, in a perfectly shaped smiley (but it disappeared below the horizon before I could photograph 🙁 ) We didn’t get away till later in the arvo, so are spending the night on the outskirts of Gympie.

Preps for the motorhome took longer than expected, with some items such as the 200W solar panel not arriving till mid last week. Our home for the next 6 months also now sports a Thule bike rack on the back, as well as a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. But I’ll leave these details for another time…

Here we are, preparing to embark….

family ready to leave in front of motorhome

The obligatory family photo

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Alarm OFF!

Work alarm turned off

Final day of work, and my morning get up ‘work alarm’ has been turned off. Woo-hoo, won’t have to listen to this one ever again in 2014! Are you jealous? You should be… hahaha.

Packed! The house that is…..

Phew, its been a busy few weeks – packing! The house, not the motorhome though… The plan was always to move out of our place and put everything into storage. That is now completed – the house is empty and cleaned as of today. 🙂

We’ve done quite a few moves, and it seems every time our pile of ‘stuff’ has somehow grown…. A lot of our stuff went into the shed at Maleny, with the more sensitive items (clothes, books, electronics etc) going to a room at Mum and Dads house. I didn’t want to do multiple trips to Maleny, so hired a large 9T truck. This thing was big, but we filled it! Oh, and full width tilt-up tailgate lifts are awesome!

hire truck
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Final Shakedown Trip!

Three weeks till we leave, and it’s a long weekend! Yep only 3 weeks (well 2.5 by the time this is posted)!!! So we grab our last opportunity to go off in the motorhome, prior to it becoming our home for 6 months, and head down into northern NSW! We started by taking a detour in the opposite direction – heading north into Brisbane for the Camping and Caravaning show. Perhaps we’d find a better caravan or something to travel around Aus in….haha. No, we’re happy with our motorhome, so the idea of this visit was to pick up some useful info, and hopefully some items. Turns out anything solar panel or 12V related is much cheaper on ebay…. but we did get a few things – couple of chairs, head torches, leveling ramps – as well as a heap of brochures, particularly about different locations we’ll be traveling to.

After this we headed back down south, to the Mt Cotton waste transfer station (ie. the dump)!! Had to look for some free last minute essential items to kit out and decorate the motorhome with…. nah sorry, meant to say I wanted to drive over their weighbridge to see what we weighed loaded up for a trip! Turns out that with a full load of fuel and water, with the 4 of us, and all our stuff for a long weekend, we had 250kg spare till we reach the GVM (4250kg). Pretty happy with that! Sure we’ll need to throw in a couple bikes, some extra water and food, some extra tools and other things, but it looks like we’ll be a safe and legal weight when heading off around Australia.

Then it was time for some nerves, as Nicole took the drivers seat. Her nerves, not mine that is! 😉 She hadn’t wanted to drive back from the show, through the city, but jumped in at the dump and took us safely from Mt Cotton into NSW for our first night stop-over. Dad, here’s some photographic evidence that wives can drive motorhomes!!! Continue reading