Schooling Plans

Friday the 5th of April was a milestone in preparing to leave for our 6 month trip around Australia. It was the last day of Term 1, and Nicole reluctantly submitted the form to exit Jonathan and Daniel from their current school at the end of term 2. It was a little scary for her – what comes next?

My rather casual attitude was for the boys to spend 6 months being schooled by the ‘School of Australia’, if you know what I mean. However, concerns over the legal requirement for kids to be schooled, and desire to ensure a smooth re-entry to school in 2015 put an end to that idea. So just this week, the boys were finally enrolled into a locally based distance ed school. We deliberately picked a school that would be fairly relaxed about education during our six months trip, with only minimal subjects required to be completed.

There will no doubt be heaps of ‘natural’ lessons on so many subjects throughout our travels. Learning Australian history, for example, is guaranteed. The Qantas Founders Museum at Longreach will be the first of many history lessons! Continue reading

12V Fridge Wiring

You’d think motorhome manufacturers would finish off an otherwise well built product with well designed and good quality electrical wiring. But alas, even with a brand new battery installed, the 110L Waeco 12V fridge would still cut-out and quit after just a nights work! Most rental customers just go and stay in caravan parks (plugged into 240V) I’m told, which must be true otherwise they’d all be complaining about the fridge not working! Continue reading