Minimalist Camping on Straddie

Two long weekends in a row – a 4 day Easter weekend followed by a 3 day Anzac weekend! What to do…? Nicole was lining up another weekend away in the motorhome, but after the Easter Weekend Camp I was hesitant and felt like doing something different. Don’t want to get sick of the thing before we even begin our Around Australia trip in it!!!

Then my mate George texted me on Wed a whole heap of images of their family holiday on Stradbroke Island. Here are just a couple….


I resisted the urge to hand in my resignation and go live there on the beach (like some do!), but started thinking about a lightweight minimalist trip in just the Forester (sans camper trailer) for the coming long weekend. Campsites were busy, but still possible to get in if we wanted to. Vehicle ferries OK on the way over, but fully booked to get back on Sunday……

Rather than giving up, I decided to go more extreme – lets just go on our bikes! Continue reading

Easter Weekend Camp

For Easter 2014 we continued our recent tradition of camping at Maleny over the long weekend. Unlike previous years, we were in our motorhome, rather than a tent! This was also a family get together, with my parents, 3 sisters and their families. It was a nice enjoyable time, with absolutely beautiful weather the whole time.

Rather than joining the traffic logjam to the Sunshine Coast Fri morning, along with every other holiday maker, we headed off Thurs night arriving at Maleny a bit after 9pm. This is not something we would typically do when tenting, as setting up tents in the dark is generally painful, but the motorhome makes it so easy. Tim and Amy arrive 1pm Fri after spending nearly 3 hours on the road (almost double our time)! Everyone took the opportunity to sit around and watch Tim set-up the tent…. Continue reading

Family get together & Samford camp

We’ve returned from a nice weekend away in the motorhome, this time without the misadventures!

We set off early Sat arvo for a family get together at my Grandparents (my fathers side). We had a nice time, and the boys went swimming in the pool with some of their cousins. Of course the motorhome got a good look over. There are now 4 motorhomes on this side of the family, as well as at least one caravan, so there was talk of a group camp!

After this our plan was to head out Samford way and find a place to spend the night. Continue reading