First Trip – at the Bunya Mountains

We arrived at Dandabah campground, of Bunya Mountains National Park, late Sat morning, having braved dirt roads and steep mountainsides in our new (second hand) motorhome. If you haven’t yet, you may want to read about our journey here.

It was a picturesque drive up the mountain and then the short trip down the valley to the campground, only to then be greeted by a wall of campers! Yep, that almost football field sized camping area was pretty full! Everyone was in a ring around the outside, so we squeezed our motorhome into one corner, leaving the centre area still free for the boys to kick a soccer ball around in (till yet more campers arrived…).

The grass was nice and green, wallabies lazed around the place, and there was plenty of bird life around. Continue reading

First Trip – Getting to the Bunya Mountains

Well, we are back safe and sound from our first trip in the motorhome! It was a good trip and we had a great time, but unfortunately I can’t say everything went perfectly. Yep, we had some drama! Don’t worry, we made it home by 5:30pm Sun! Btw, this post was getting too long, so you’ll have to read two of them to get the full story….  🙂

I wanted the give the motorhome a good run to check everything was going/working OK, which meant going far enough to get several hours driving time under the belt. We’ve never been to the Bunya Mountains, an estimated 3 hours from home, so decided to have a look.

So at around 6pm Fri 14/3, we departed home to an unknown destination for the night. That’s right, unknown destination! We didn’t plan on driving all the way to the Bunya Mountains in the dark, but intended on getting out of the city and into the country, stop for the night, and then resume the drive when we could actually see the scenery! Continue reading

What about work?

Travelling around Aus for 6 months is going to be different to our typical holiday, in more ways than one! This time frame throws up many questions that simply aren’t issues for shorter holidays. For example, what to do about the big issues of work/income, housing, school and living expenses?

Many people would like to do what we’re about to do, but don’t for a variety of reasons. So over the next few posts we’ll expand a little on the approach we’re taking. Hopefully it may inspire someone! Feel free to give us some helpful feedback and suggestions. Alternatively you can just tell us we’re nuts!! Continue reading