From Here to There

So we’ve decided to do it, and know when, but HOW are we going to get the 4 of us comfortably around this vast home land called Australia?

Since 2001 our trusty Subaru Forester had been reliably getting us to all sorts of holiday locations. It’s done all we’ve asked of it, including going places most people wouldn’t dream of taking such a vehicle! It’s not a real 4wd we hear them whine. Where do you think you’re going in THAT, asked the Bribie Is. ranger pulling us over before the beach cutting last September…

We love our off-roading and camping holidays, having visited many parts the Victorian highlands, as well as many locations in SE QLD. Continue reading

It’s ON!!

Not just this blog, but something much bigger!

Yep, it’s all systems go – we are going to do the big lap around Australia!!!!

The happy family of Simon, Nicole, Jonathan and Daniel will be heading off on a six month journey of discovery, from July 2014.

Most reading this blog will know us, but for those who don’t let me introduce the family. I’m Simon, the husband, father and engineer in the family. Nicole is my hard working wife, mother to our two boys, and teacher aide / reception / office administrator. Our two boys are Jonathan and Daniel, aged 11 and 9 respectively, who both love soccer and minecraft. We all enjoy outdoor activities – camping, 4wd’ing, mountain bike riding, the bush, the beach……you get the idea…..

Simon and Nicole  Jonathan and Daniel on bikes

We can’t claim to have been planning this for a long time; but it has always been one of those ‘would be nice to do’ type thoughts. It wasn’t till mid to late 2013 that we seriously started thinking ‘just do it’, to borrow a line from Nike!  With the boys soon to enter the important final years of schooling, not to mention the teenage years, now seemed the perfect opportunity.

Fast forward to now, where the planning and preparations are in full swing. I’ve got leave from work organised, Nicole is trying to get leave from work (though she won’t be there regardless of what they decide!!), vehicles are being organised, routes are being discussed, quotes for storage of house contents; the list goes on. No turning back now!


ps. we are new to blogging. If you come across and errors or problems, or have any suggestions, please let us know!